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the cure for fear is vulnerability

Trump Called Fake News an Enemy of the People

Trump called fake news “an enemy of the people.” (He said it in a tweet, of course, and the obnoxiousness of his childish and gaslighting tweets is a post for another day.) As a Washington Post article explains, this phrase actually started out being used by oppressed people to refer to the extremely evil emperor Nero. Incidentally, the article also demonstrates Trump’s pathetic but not surprising lack of originality in his use of the phrase. The phrase was, of course, co-opted eventually by Hitler to refer to the Jews and Stalin (in Russia, being accused of being an enemy of.. Read More

“I Love Jesus But I Hate the Church”

I’m avoiding writing about politics. I’m trying to limit my intake of the news, too, because there’s really no use in “staying informed” if it makes you sick and paralyzed with anxiety. I’m also just tired of the constant shock and awe. Maybe people keep being surprised because the media reported 45 as a serial liar and they’re learning that he intends to keep every one of his planet-ruining, livelihood-decimating campaign promises. Or maybe it’s because we were all taught in school that corruption in government is always “there” (Africa, Asia, Russia), that it could never be here. 45 always acts in character,.. Read More

I think a title is supposed to go here.

I am tired. I am tired of asking for help. It’s not the vulnerability that’s difficult for me – my nature gives me no choice but to be embarrassingly and shamefully vulnerable almost all the time. It’s the astounding lack of follow through on the part of others. I’ve been thinking over and over how to follow the advice to writers out there – how to create good content that people actually want and need, how to find an agent, how to land a book deal, etc. – and I just can’t do it. None of it feels right. I.. Read More

Donald Trump May Be Mentally Ill, But It Isn’t Helping to Say So

There’s a flurry of posts and articles swirling around calling Donald Trump mentally ill, speculating on various disorders he might have or outright diagnosing him: sociopath; narcissist; oppositional defiant disorder. While it’s clear that he’s temperamentally unfit for the presidency, I think we need to be aware of how accusing Trump of being mentally ill is making things much worse for people who are already really vulnerable and who Trump’s administration is only going to make more so: those with so-called ‘mental illness.’

Okay, bye, 2016.

This day last year, with about an hour of 2015 to go, I was 30,000 feet in the air going through what I can now say was tiny turbulence compared to the last 12 months and was told this would be the hardest year of my life. My only reflection on it is, “It f*ing better be.” I leave this year wondering if anything will work out (personally, nationally or globally) and hoping that I might be able to stop waking up in the middle of the night sobbing. I’m glad I’ve reached the age where a year feels like.. Read More